Marbella Rentals & Sales takes pride in helping clients to find their dream home and guide them through the entire process.

There are a few things clients need to take into consideration when thinking about buying a property on the Costa del Sol, like the general sales procedure and eg. additional cost (taxes, closing costs also). For the perfect start you need the best help available – Marbella Rentals & Sales! We provide many services when you choose to represent you when buying a home. We will guide you through the entire process.


Step 1: Buyer Consultation

We work together with you to gain a thorough understanding of your real estate needs, goals, search criteria, budget and timelines in order to determine what is important to you. We also provide you a complete explanation of the home buying process and create together a custom search strategy based on your specific needs and preferred method of communication.


Step 2: Finding the Right Home

We use all of the latest tools and technology and provide customized listing searches for you to preview suggested possible homes for sale in your market area from the comfort of your own home. Shopping for a new home should be an enjoyable experience and you will receive professional advice during the whole process. We identify properties within our network, provide access to exclusive listings and notify you about upcoming properties. We visit with you selected properties, show you the surroundings, and answer all your questions.  We can arrange visit tours and provide videos on selected properties.


Step 3: Making an Offer

When you have found the right property it is time to make an offer. On the Costa del Sol the buyer normally makes an offer that is lower than the asking price. We will help you to negotiate the purchase and achieve you the best possible price.


Step 4: Reservation Contract and Deposit

When the price and conditions are agreed we and the lawyer will draw up a reservation contract that will be signed by both parties and close the deal. The buyer will pay a non-refundable deposit of normally €6.000 on the lawyer’s account which will guarantee that the vendor withdraws the property from the market and stop offering it to other potential buyers. In the reservation contract it will state the time for completion. If the completion is within 30 days the next step is normally to sign the deed in front of a public notary. If the agreed completion will be later than 30 days the praxis is to sign a private purchase contract and pay 10% of the price (minus the deposit already paid).


Step 5: Exchange of Private Contracts

If the completion of the sale is more than 30 days after the reservation, a further payment of 10% (minus the deposit already paid) is done at the signing of a private purchase contract.


Step 6: The Final Payment and Exchange of Keys

The completion of the purchase is done in front of a public notary who signs the new title deed, “Escritura”. The notary has previously asked the land registry for a “nota simple continuada” which means that the Property registry is informed that a change of owners will take place on this particular property in this notary. This means that for a period of a few days this property can only be sold at this notary and it is a measure of protection for the buyer. The new title deed is drawn up and signed by buyers, vendors and the notary. The buyer will pay the vendor the final balance with bankers drafts (cheque bancario) and the vendor will give the keys to the buyer. Registration of the change of owners is made in the property registry. The same day of the signing the Notary informs the land registry that a completion has taken place. The deed now has to be taken physically to the registry in order to be properly registered, this process can take up to three months.


Step 7: Post Sale

We provide post-sale follow-up as you transition into your new home and are here to assist you in getting acclimated.