For me it’s very important to understand all the customer needs and find the best solution to make their dreams come true.

I gained practical experience in several real estate business areas over the last 15 years. When my family and I moved to the US in 2002 I worked with CARTUS, a relocation company. I realized how hard it can be to relocate and I wanted to make this process easier on the people relocating. I worked as a freelancer and part time basis for CARTUS whenever my skills were required. While living in Chicago I did not only buy and sell own properties and land in the US, Canada, Spain and Germany, I also supported a local real estate company REMAXX and a Canadian land developer.  I enjoyed working in that business field very much so that I successfully completed my license as a certified Real Estate agent. In 2017 I worked for Gilmar Real Estate Marbella / Puerto Banus in association with Chestertons.

Living abroad helped me to understand different cultures. It is very easy for me to communicate with all different kind of people because I am a native speaker in German and English. It goes without saying that I am respectful, tolerant and polite.